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BBC Doctor Who Shop

Business Problems: Poor SEO rankings, Low sales, Poor conversion rate and PPC performance

Doctorwho_50th-anniversary_thumbnail_02BBC America, approached founding partner Max Soni, in order to get assistance with it’s Doctor Who online e-commerce store. The store had numerous conversion issues that plagued it: sales were down, revenue was down, SEO traffic was down – thousands in PPC were wasted every month, due to poor design, poor PPC campaign optimization, and numerous other reasons.

In short, a drastic change was needed. DotComWebDesign was eager to take the challenge.

PPC Results Generated

SEO Results Generated

Our Strategy

In order to understand why the shop was not converting, our team setup heatmaps, clicks maps, and session recording tools to help understand the journey of a visitor on the website. After discovering fatal flaws in the design, and technical issues with the website, our team made a series of recommendations based on the data we collected. Using A/B testing tools, such as Optimizely, our team tested the recommendations on different segments of traffic, such as: paid traffic, organic traffic, social media traffic, and e-mail marketing traffic. After confirming the recommendations were successful, we implemented them site-wide across all segments of traffic.


Our team diagnosed that when the BBC re-designed the DoctorWho website, it failed to redirect older pages to newer ones, effectively losing the SEO attached to them. Our team did a manual audit of over 1500 pages, from the previous website url structure and redirected them to their appropriate corresponding subpage. After a period of 120 days, we saw rankings return for all major keywords that the website used to rank for.


We completely revamped the PPC campaign for DoctorWho. We tested out hundreds of variations of ad copies, and aligned keywords with their corresponding landing pages. Using analytical tools, we made recommendations, in order to help visitors find what they were looking for, both in terms of landing page and content. We shifted the campaign, increasing bids on keywords that we saw were resulting in higher revenue, contrary to popular school of thought which focuses on keywords with a lower cost per acquisition.

Our Accomplishments

The work we’ve done, and continue to do, for the BBC has never before been seen by the company. Many vendors have worked on the DoctorWhoShop over the years, none have generated the seismic shifts we have, in the profitability and success of the online store.

Most agencies brag about creating a 10, or 20% increase in revenue/traffic/other analytical metrics. When the BBC was informed of the fact we had increased revenue, traffic, and conversion rate, by anywhere from 97% to as high as 200% — they had no idea to respond. This was all done in a period of 6 months. The DoctorWho e-commerce website has been transformed from being a novelty store, to a major and important component of the BBC’s online marketing campaigns.

  • Record breaking amount of monthly SEO traffic that continues to grow each month
  • Record breaking PPC conversion rate, and revenue from PPC, which continues to grow each month

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