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DotCom is a leading, and innovative, airline branding agency, that helps members of the airline industry accomplish their business and advertising goals. Everything, and anything, DotCom does, focuses on business results. As a leading, and sought after, airline branding firm, we provide a full range of strategic branding and marketing services to help your airline and aviation company improve it’s visibility and business results.

There is immense competition

With consumer spending changing each year, based on financial conditions, and the global economy, having a consistent and nimble brand – is a must. Airlines must be able to adapt to market conditions, and consequently, their consumers wallet – in order to survive and prosper. This means being able to constantly shift with the market, and understand who is your exact segment, and tuning your  efforts to that segments. As your branding agency, we believe that everything should focus on business results. That means measuring your ROI at every step, and being able to generate more where possible.

We have the experience

We have helped airlines all over the world succeed. Based out of NYC, we are the center of new and innovative activities, and bring it to you at every level. We’ve helped airlines such as: Aeroflot, Transaero, Lufthansa, EgyptAir, and others.

Lufthansa – Move With Us Campaign

Our belief

An airlines brand is more it’s logo, or it’s slogan. We believe that your brand is equivalent to the sentiment of your prospective consumers. This means, that every element of your company can be considered a form of branding. All of the trivial, and important, elements contribute to what is known as your brand. As an airline, your brand is the most important thing you have. If people can’t trust your brand – then the type of planes, or your management/team, is irrelevant.

We help shape consumer sentiment

Every brand has an image, in the eyes of it’s audience. Regardless of how big, or boutique, your airline is, this stays with you. We help shape this image, by helping you understand who your target audience is, and what resonates with them. We shape every action your business takes, around this image. We believe that if you do not shape it – your competitors will shape it for you, by running negative advertisements.

We transform consumers into advocates

Everything we do focuses on generating more business, and retaining that business. We do this by giving consumers a reason to become your advocates. Most conversations amongst consumers occur in digital environments, such as Facebook, and other P2P platforms. Having a strong brand, means that consumers becoming your advocates and vocal supporters. All of this is possible, if you have a brand that is authentic, and shows it cares about consumers.

Work with a partner – like DotCom

DotCom is a premier, and trusted, airline branding agency. We approach each and every airline company, as a prospective partner. We work with fewer clients, because we insist on providing better service and results. We understand how to work with all the various vendors, and vested parties, in order to provide no-nonsense results.


Need help with your brand? Contact our branding firm, by filling out the firm below. We offer each and every client a complimentary consultation, and branding strategy session, with one of our representatives, in order to understand your goals, and how we can help.

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